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What's on in Melbourne

Shopping - Vintage shopping: Old fashioned
Whether you’re a neo-craftsman in leather aprons and sturdy 1800s-style workwear, or a dapper chap after some traditional grooming (and a nice monacle), ...

Shopping - Camilla: Emporium Melbourne
Sydney designer and artist Camilla Franks has spent the last ten years forging a brand that is now worn by fashion leaders and celebrities all...

Shopping - Vintage shopping: Seventies folkies
If full-blown ’70s fever frightens you, a low-key look is perfect for watching bands with beards.

Shopping - Vintage shopping: Style outlaw
If your look is completely indefinable, you probably enjoy carpet-bombing your way throughop shops and secondhand stores. But make sure you discover these ...

Shopping - Marc Cain: Emporium Melbourne
Designed and made in Germany, the intense colours and unusual textures of the brand's Autumn/Winter collection embody European elegance at its finest. ...